image courtesy Europeana.

This guide introduces the basic principles of searching for and using Europeana’s content in education. It covers topics like copyright and licenses that allow educational reuse, and how you should credit Europeana content when you use it. It also gives an introduction to the Europeana APIs. It is of use to educators across all subjects, students and lifelong learners, developers of educational resources and educational publishers.

Thanks to members of the Europeana Education community, the guide is already available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and it will be soon in Dutch, Romanian, Icelandic, Finnish and Scandinavian, but we need more!

We are looking for volunteers to translate it to other European languages but also to do a peer-review. We will reward our volunteers with the unique Europeana mouse. If you’re interested, contact Europeana Education community on Facebook or via the Europeana Pro website.

Download the Guide: