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A blog recently appeared on the School Education Gateway highlights the effort of Europeana Education to support CLIL (content and language integrated learning), by offering multilingual resources for teaching and learning with the support of digital content. A super helpful resource for teachers are the 23 webinars recently uploaded on YouTube, where the 12 Europeana Teacher Ambassadors (ES, FI, FR, GR, HR, HU, IT, MT, PL, PT, RO, TR) provide guidance in their mother tongue to fellow teachers on how to better use digital culture in their classroom practice.  In these video tutorials, dedicated to teachers who are not much familiar with Europeana and the digital content, it is clearly explained the potential of the use of Europeana materials to improve the level of internationality of the content used in lessons and how to navigate Europeana and the Thematic Collections in search of content of interest. Details on the possibility of reuse of the content are also explained, and examples of collaborative practices across borders are offered. Other examples are provided of multilingual materials and resources, all freely accessible such as the Europeana MOOC and the Guide to using Europeana in education. Finally, teachers can discover the Teaching with Europeana blog.

Europeana Education is a golden opportunity for teachers to boost collaboration and networking and to establish new relationships with peers from all over Europe.

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