img. from Teaching with Europeana blog.

In the Teaching with Europeana website, hundreds of teachers from across Europe and beyond are creating learning scenarios in order to use cultural heritage materials from Europeana in their classrooms.

The aim is to encourage teachers to share their experience in incorporating Europeana resources to their classroom, by showcasing possibilities and making various kinds of resources available. The latest addition is Colorful culture in the 1950s: blue skies, red panic (LS-HR-215), created by Ivana Štiglet on the basis of the Europeana exhibition BLUE SKIES, RED PANIC realized by the 50s in Europe Kaleidoscope project.

Ivana Štiglec is a Europeana ambassador for Croatia, she teaches English and German at a senior high school in Osijek, Croatia. Ivana’s learning scenario aims to encourage students to read, speak and write about the historical era of 1950s using English. They think critically about this historical period, and express opinions about it.