img. from the Cyprus virtual tour in Nicosia.

An interesting series of virtual tours in European cities, by REPAST, a Horizon 2020 funded project that aims at investigating how European societies deal with their troubled pasts today.

Through the analysis of conflict discourses rooted in those pasts, with a view on the impact of those discourses on European integration, the project implements actions and proposes strategies, both at the levels of policy-making and civil society, for reflecting upon these discourses to strengthen European integration. It is also taking into account how the current crisis in its multiple forms (economic crisis, refugee crisis, political crisis) mediates these narratives.

Take a virtual tour of some of Europe’s troubled past sites

The tours offer a 360° experience with short interesting stories and quizzes to test your knowledge. They are available on English and the local languages.

Using only a desktop computer or mobile device, students, teachers and culture lovers can explore eight of Europe’s troubled past locations, from the comfort and safety of the classroom or home. Till the moment it is possible to safely travel again!