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Learn how crime novels, films and television dramas can help investigate European cultural identity. A new MOOC hosted by KU Leuven and realized in the context of EU funded project DETECt.

The crime genre, arguably the most popular narrative genre in Europe, is an ideal object of study for evaluating how the process of Europeanisation has impacted the forms of cultural production, distribution and reception.

Have you ever wondered what has made crime narratives so popular throughout Europe? If yes, this course is a perfect fit for you!

Euro Noir: Transcultural Identities in European Popular Crime Narratives

>>> Starts on 5th April 2021.

More about the course, and online registration:

The European collaborative project ‘DETECt – Detecting transcultural identity in European popular crime narratives’, funded under EU Horizon 2020 research programme, has taken up the challenge to investigate how the concept of ‘Europe’ can help to better understand the current landscape of popular media and transmedia crime narratives.