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Why was the birth control pill a game changer in the twentieth century and why has it become even more controversial today? These are the central questions that The Pill Expo will address.

The rights and choices of today weren’t given but were fought for, by generations of women and allies. By devoting this exhibition to contraceptive pills as a game changer during the previous century, we intend to touch upon the history of contraception and how it rewrote the fate of women’s lives. It is a matter of gender equality in a wider sense. A societal change that tackled the way of living for millions of women who for the last six decades have now the choice and power to effectively control their fertility. Who are consequently empowered and in charge of their personal, social, professional, educational and political aspirations.


The Pill Expo for Educators

What can The Pill Expo mean for educators? First of all, most of the pictures featured in The Pill Expo are not copyright protected for educational purposes. Below each image the applied creative commons license is mentioned and linked. Not only do we show incredibly interesting, and thought provoking images related to the history of birth control, our exhibition also forms an excellent starting point for discussions on contraception. It provides information on various historical and contemporary aspects of the story of the pill based on academic research. Thanks to our open source approach, all the publications and websites used to create this project are linked or mentioned below the texts. By creating an open source, academic exhibition, we hope to contribute to the continuation of educating others about contraception, regardless of gender or sexuality.

About the exhibition

This online exhibition, devoted to contraceptive pills as a game-changer in the 20th century, is hosted and fostered by Europeana XX project and fully created by five students of the Cultural Studies Masters of KU Leuven.

Read the blog about the process and motivation for creating the exhibition on Cultural Studies Leuven journal.

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This exhibition is a spin-off from the Europeana XX Century of Change project, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme of the European Union, under GA n. INEA/CEF/ICT/A2019/1932087