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Teaching and learning can highly benefit from including audiovisual content, and a wealth of interesting materials is accessible on digital repositories such as Europeana for educational reuse.

In 2021 the Europeana Task Force for Audiovisual Material in Europeana Classroom investigated how to increase the availability and reusability of audiovisual material in Europeana Classroom and for educators in general, with the ambition of identifying both opportunities and challenges faced by educators and audiovisual collection holders when trying to place audiovisual content in an educational context.

Work of the Task Force was jointly coordinated by Europeana and EU Screen, the Europeana accredited aggregator in the domain of audiovisual content, with participation of various other partners and colleague Europeana Aggregators. Recommendations were formulated based on previous work, an online survey for educators, and hands-on, co-creative work on six case studies selected and conducted by the Task Force members. 

As a final outcome of the Task Force, a White Paper was published on Europeana Pro website.

Additional Resources and examples of projects reusing AV content in Education are highlighted in EU Screen’s dedicated page: