img. from event’s communication. Background photo: Piazza dei Miracoli a Pisa, photo offred by Lucia Tomasi Tongiorgi in Promoter Digital Gallery CC-BY-NC-ND

Organized by Photoconsortium in cooperation with the Museo della Grafica and University of Pisa and hosted at the Palazzo Lanfranchi, in the very city center on the banks of the river Arno, this 1-day conference on 28th June 2022 invited leading speakers from the Citizen Heritage consortium partners and other experts in digital cultural heritage, in Social Sciences and Humanities research and in the use of participatory approaches in a cultural and/or educational context.

The main outcome of the event was to offer insights about successful stories of citizen participation in Cultural Heritage Institutions and Higher Education Institutions. An panel discussion complemented the conference programme.

All the presentations by the speakers are available in the conference’s webpage:

In addition to the conference, a citizen collection and digitization action wasorganized to digitize family album photos from the participants, and offer them for publication in Europeana, the European digital library. Finally, a preview visit to the exhibition about golf in the Museo della Grafica happily concluded the day.

Citizen Heritage is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, project number 2020-1-BE02-KA203-074727