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Historiana is an on-line educational multimedia tool linked to Europeana, the European digital library, that makes available multi-perspective, cross-border and comparative historical sources and storytelling, to supplement history textbooks and other standard materials. In the light of promoting the reuse of photographic heritage and assets in education Photoconsortium offers a selection of visual content and curated collections, ready to be used by teachers and students in e-learning activities and own materials.

To complement the already existing collections of heritage photographs, Photoconsortium recently published a selection of contemporary photographs from Ireland, Portugal, Sicily, France, Albania and Greece, that depict historical, natural and cultural heritage assets, at the crossroad of education and tourism promotion.

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The images are sourced from Europeana, aggregated by Photoconsortium for INCULTUM, an H2020 project dedicated to cultural and tourism promotion of marginal areas.

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This effort is part of the Europeana Data Space for Cultural Heritage project for supporting reuse of digital resources and capacity building in the area of digital transformation of the education and cultural sector.