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Europe is characterized by complex realities and continuous interactions with the outside world. However, it would be challenging to look at it and understand its synergies without considering its history, legal order, and political dimension.

This certificate program developed as a result of a collaborative initiative between the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences at KU Leuven (Belgium), aims at introducing the participants to the European Union’s realities, offering a 360° view of its current state of play from the point of view of three different domains: history, law, and political science.

Through the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach, the three integrated MOOCs will provide students with a broad multidisciplinary overview of the field of European Studies and European Union Law, and encourage them to analyze Europe as a continent characterized by intense national and transnational interactions with other overseas countries.

By means of lectures provided by KU Leuven instructors, podcasts, and interviews with leading experts as well as the presentation of practical case studies, this course intends to make sense of the intricate social, political, and legal dynamics that characterize the European Union, not only as an institution but also as the results of historical interactions. Specific themes raised for the three disciplines include the internal and external dimensions of EU law, the role of institutions in EU policy-making, as well as the roles of history, culture, technical innovation and diversity, and how these contributed to the reshaping of Europe.

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