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The new EuroClio – European Association of History Educators online course 2024, to support educators to use online resources in classroom and in educational/teaching materials is open for enrollments.

The course is self-paced, starting on 19/2/2024 and running until 15/4/2024.

About the course

This online course will assist educators to create and share e-Learning Activities on Historiana, the online platform for teachers, created and maintained by EuroClio, the international association of history teachers. These activities are online tools that have been developed to allow students to improve their historical thinking skills in a variety of ways. The course’s goal is that participants will be challenged to create their own e-Learning Activities. This is particularly important in a world that revolves increasingly around competencies in media literacy so that educators can be prepared to teach online creatively to supplement what they do in class.

In so doing, participants will:

  1. learn what Historiana is, how to add sources, how to use the builder, how to share e-Learning Activities, and how to review answers. The trainers will model how to use and make e-Learning Activities (creating a topic, developing an inquiry question, selecting sources, choosing challenging tools, designing instruction, and evaluating the activities),
  2. improve their digital competence with these online tools, which they can now use more easily with their students and
  3. create e-Learning Activities that promote quality history or citizenship education on Historiana and to do so independently by the end of the course, and
  4. develop an E-Learning Activity on the subject of colonialism or a relevant topic of one’s own choosing with a trainer’s approval.

No previous experience with Historiana is needed to join the course!

More information, programme and registration can be consulted at