img. from Historiana, courtesy of Photoconsortium and Euroclio

Photoconsortium published on Historiana an accessible and compelling e-learning activity tailored to high schools, to reflect on how photographs depict reality. The e-learning activity was realized in the context of a co-creation workshop where cultural heritage institutions from Photoconsortium’s network worked together with Euroclio teachers and ambassadors.

The thematic framework of the e-learning activity, that is now available in 4 languages (English, German, Dutch, and Italian), is China before the Cultural Revolution. The activity is based on a beautiful selection of heritage photographs from United Archives, published as open access resources on Europeana in the context of EU project PAGODE – Europeana China (2020-2021).

Students are invited to reflect and elaborate on how photography may – or may not – depict the world that we know, or we think we know.

The activity is dedicated to high school teachers in the courses of history, social sciences, arts and humanities: by logging in on the Historiana platform, you can import the e-learning activity on your own profile, personalize it if you like and then share with the students.

Try the e-learning activity on Historiana:

About Historiana and Photoconsortium

Historiana is an on-line educational multimedia tool that offers students multi-perspective, cross-border and comparative historical sources to supplement their national history textbooks. Historiana is an initiative of Euroclio, the international association of history teachers, and is part of the satellite networks of Europeana, the European digital library. With plenty of ideas and ready-to-use learning resources, Historiana helps teachers in reusing open access cultural heritage materials online for boosting their lessons, or engaging their students in an innovative way.

In this highly modern educational context, Photoconsortium has its own spot in this great collections of resources dedicated to teachers and students, to offer selected visual content available for educational reuse and ready-made activities based on historical photographic heritage that is sourced from Photoconsortium’s partners collections in Europeana.

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