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TRAINER: Prof. Catalina Nicolin – ICT Specialist in Education – European Commission European Center for Digital Education


WHEN: 23/27 OCTOBER 2023

CONTENT Teaching students about AI is essential for developing digital literacy, critical thinking skills, and preparing students for future academic and career success. A basic understanding of AI systems enables students to engage and ideate with AI technologies safely, responsibly and ethically.

This course is designed to help teachers, trainers, and managers learn about AI generative tools, use AI generative tools, and teach with AI generative tools. It will provide an overview of the different types of AI generative tools available and how they can be used in teaching. The course will also cover best practices for using these tools effectively and efficiently. By the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of how to use AI generative tools in their teaching practice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in education today, innovate teaching and learning practices, and ultimately accelerate the progress towards SDG 4. Artificial intelligence is used to improve learning for every student, empower teachers and strengthen learning management systems. To enable teachers to work effectively with artificial intelligence, they need to create new competencies and carry out appropriate professional development to develop their human and social abilities.

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Training Course is open to all countries. You can use national and international grants or join the course with your own budget.

10% discount on course fee for early registration (Deadline for discount is 15 September 2023.)

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