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In February 2020, a sparkling event in Belgium will celebrate the experiences of these participatory exhibitions.

As a common theme, the PAST | PRESENT event celebrates the richness of European cultural heritage, its value for our contemporary life, and the importance of best practices in the cultural heritage. The key concept is that the ‘past‘ is not just opposed to the ‘present‘ as in a simple chronological approach, but it is also experienced by and exposed to the audience in a contemporary context and shared as a ‘present’ to future generations.

The PAST | PRESENT event is composed by three appointments:

Participatory workshop in Leuven

Students of the MA Cultural Studies of KU Leuven will run a co-creation workshop with elders in senior homes, based on a novel game format empowered with early photographic heritage.

Final conference in Brussels, House of European History

An interesting programme of presentations and educational talks about the key role of participatory approaches in culture for empowering the European identity building process, social and cultural cohesion, and individual self awareness in the bigger picture of European history.

Final exhibition WeAre#EuropeForCulture

Bringing together images, recordings and interactions from the various locations which hosted and created the pop-up exhibitions, this is a kaleidoscope of local history in European countries, showcasing the variety and commonalities of our cultural heritage. A multiscreen setting will allow visitors to travel through and interact with the stories unfolded at the different events throughout Europe.

A selection of the most representative and interesting images included in the exhibitions held through out Europe, will be displayed in a photographic exhibition.

The final event is organized by KU Leuven.

More information coming soon.

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This project is funded by the European Commission under the service contract no. EAC-2018-0415, in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018