PICTURE THIS! Vintage postcards of Southeastern Europe

PICTURE THIS! Vintage postcards of Southeastern Europe

Rich heritage collections of countries in Southeastern Europe have not been available in Europeana, the great European digital library, until recently. The CSEEE (Collections of South and East Europe in Europeana) project provided assistance and the opportunity for them to be included. The project was carried out in 2016 and included national libraries from the following countries: Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. The project was coordinated by Croatia, and Slovenia and Serbia had a supporting role. The European Library (TEL) office provided full support.

A selection of beautiful vintage postcards from those regions forms the new virtual exhibition in EuropeanaPICTURE THIS! Vintage postcards of Southeastern Europe”.

The motive and guiding idea of this exhibition is to bring to light some of the rich collections of Southeastern European countries that were published in Europeana, thus making them widely accessible to interested users. The exhibition highlights interesting facts and details about the cities of the regions presented on these vintage postcards that showcase their cultural and natural heritage.

These postcards show a nostalgic view of south-east Europe, and a competition was just launched in order to see what it’s like today. it is possible for anyone to take part in Europeana Picture This! Competition and share pictures of Montenegro, Croatia, Albania and more. The photos can be submitted via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #PicThisEurope.

Visit the exhibition: http://www.europeana.eu/portal/en/exhibitions/picture-this-vintage-postcards-of-southeastern-europe

More about the competition: http://www.europeana.eu/portal/en/picture-this-competition.html


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