Arno, Compagno di Vita

Arno, Compagno di Vita

ARNO, COMPAGNO DI VITA, is dedicated to the lovestory between the river Arno and the citizens of Pisa: from regattas to floods, from fishing to the traditional games and festivities, the river has always been a companion in Pisa’s everyday life.

The exhibition was created with crowdsourced images, stories, objects and memories in the framework of the European project WeAre#EuropeForCulture. A co-creation session with seniors, students and photo amateurs and collectors took place on 31 May; the exhibition was hosted at the Museo della Grafica and the vernissage was on 28 June 2019. The exhibition, in italian language, is composed by 7 chapters with narrative, that were presented via an interactive application; a selection of high quality prints; a digital showreel and some physical objects.

Photos from co-creation session and vernissage:

(c) 31/5/2019 Martino Sisti; 28/6/2019 Rudy Pessina

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