Europeana and how to join

Europeana, the great European digital library, helps cultural institutions around Europe to share their digital collections with a wider audience.

PHOTOCONSORTIUM is the Europeana accredited aggregator about photographic heritage with the role of enabling Cultural Heritage Institutions and photographic archives to showcase their photographic heritage collections in Europeana by offering tutoring, support and tools.

To be included in Europeana, data has to be in a specific format with different requirements that allow for publication and other services. Here some preliminary information:

  • Europeana Publishing Framework: what you give and what you get >>>
  • Europeana Publishing Guide >>>
  • Europeana Data Model >>>
  • Europeana Data Exchange Agreement – DEA (PDF, 300 Kb)

Of particular relevance it is the policy about rights labels, so that for each digital cultural heritage object published in Europeana the conditions and reuse licenses are clearly stated. Europeana supports the open access approach, but it offers a variety of rights statements to choose from, with which it is possible to reflect in the most accurate way the copyright status of each digital cultural heritage object.


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