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Online collections curated by PHOTOCONSORTIUM:

All Our Yesterdays was conceived as a travelling exhibition to showcase how life was at the time of our grand-grand fathers. The online galleries and the virtual tour allow to browse over 100 years of photography from all over Europe, from the very beginning of the invention of photography (normally considered in 1839 when Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype) to the first half of the 20th century.

Europeana Photography: this is a curated entity page dedicated to photography that is published by Europeana, stemming from the collection of early photographs aggregated by the project EuropeanaPhotography (2012-2015).

Europeana Migration: at a time when the word ‘migrant’ is often accompanied by the word ‘crisis’, Europeana shows Europe’s history of migration in a different light, through a thematic collection containing a varied range of objects from all over the continent.

PAGODE – Europeana China: Europeana showcases beautiful content and novel narratives of Chinese heritage in Europe on a dedicated feature page, a digital foyer meant to collect and promote all editorial pieces that were created throughout the PAGODE project, as well as editorial delivered in other projects and seasons that touch on Chinese heritage concepts.

Highlights from the 20th Century: in this curated page, realized for Europeana in the context of the Europeana XX Century of Change project, it is possible to explore collections and stories from 20th century history and culture in curated galleries, interesting blogs, videos and podcasts.

Case studies about the impact of sharing high-quality datasets online in Europeana

2021: From opening up Heritage collections to Digital Curation and User Engagement: the Journey of KU Leuven Library Collections in Europeana

by Valentina Bachi (Photoconsortium),  Sofie Taes, Fred Truyen (KU Leuven)

Read the Case Study in Photoconsortium’s Educational Portal >>>


2022: Well begun is half done: sharing high quality collections from the archives managed by CRDI, the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion in Girona

by Valentina Bachi (Photoconsortium), with the collaboration of David Iglésias Franch (Ajuntament de Girona), Adina Ciocoiu (Europeana Foundation), Sofie Taes (Photoconsortium).

Read the Case Study in Photoconsortium’s Educational Portal >>>





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