How-to guide for labelling cultural heritage

It is important that the digital collections of heritage or artworks published online clearly indicate what are the rights attached to the objects, and if some type of reuse is allowed.

Europeana, the flagship initiative of the European Union on digital cultural heritage, developed a report and guidelines (2021) with the aim to facilitate Cultural Heritage Institutions in understanding the sequence of the main questions to be asked when clearing rights for selecting a rights statement to be attached to a digital/digitized cultural heritage object before it is published online.

Europeana Guide to accurately label digital cultural heritage

  • Guide and Q&A that explain, step by step, how to answer copyright questions to accurately label digital cultural heritage
  • Visual step-by-step Flow Chart
  • Read more about the Europeana Copyright TaskForce HERE


  • Contribute to increase the level of copyright knowledge across the cultural heritage sector.
  • Provide a tool that helps showcase necessary considerations in rights labelling in educational activities.
  • Contribute to increase the accuracy of rights information assigned to digital cultural heritage online.
  • Contribute to ease the understanding of (and facilitate going through) the relevant considerations in the selection of a rights statement.
  • Facilitate the adaptation of a useful tool to different jurisdictions.
  • Support the accessibility of the material by making multilinguality possible.
  • Harmonising rights labelling practices across Europe based on the Europeana Licensing Framework, thus facilitating the rights statement choice when contributing data to Europeana.


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