Copyright management and rights labelling

Europeana, the flagship initiative of the European Union on digital cultural heritage, developed various resources and tools with the aim to facilitate Cultural Heritage Institutions in understanding copyrigth management and clearing rights workflows in order to suppoort a harmonised approach and to help identify the most appropriate rights statement to be attached to a digital/digitized cultural heritage object before it is published online.

Europeana Copyright Management Guidelines

The Copyright Management Guidelines aim to support best practice in copyright management in cultural heritage organisations by highlighting steps to take towards a harmonised approach. They focus on establishing workflows to deal with copyright in collection management, providing sufficient copyright support or knowledge and integrating copyright needs in activities and projects.

The guidelines are structured around a simple matrix, which highlights the steps to take and breaks each step down to identify the resources needed, explaining the process and workflows.

Europeana Guide to accurately label digital cultural heritage

It is important that the digital collections of heritage or artworks published online clearly indicate what are the rights attached to the objects, and if some type of reuse is allowed. The Europeana Guide contributes to ease the understanding of (and facilitate going through) the relevant considerations in the selection of a rights statement, thus facilitating the rights statement choice when sharing data online and particularly when contributing data to Europeana.

  • Guide and Q&A that explain, step by step, how to answer copyright questions to accurately label digital cultural heritage
  • Visual step-by-step Flow Chart
  • Read more about the Europeana Copyright TaskForce HERE




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