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PHOTOCONSORTIUM is a network of photographic archives, including public institutions and private agencies, collectors and private content holders from all over Europe. The collections of PHOTOCONSORTIUM members include any kind of images that showcase the richness of photographic heritage and its cultural and artistic value, since the early days until now.

Many fragile examples of pioneer photographic practice are preserved in highy tecnological storages, and thus are accessible only to few professionals in the field who can properly handle them. One of the major efforts in sight of unlocking this treasure of cultural heritage and make it accessible to citizens, amateurs, students, researchers and creative industry was to convert the physical items into high quality digital reproductions, which easily allow to share the images online.

Big players in the market of press photography and important cultural heritage institutions accepted the challenge of showcasing their content online, via their own websites and via digital libraries such as, the European digital library. PHOTOCONSORTIUM is a centre of expertise about digitized photography and actively supports content holders to boost the visibility of their collections, participating in international initiatives for sharing and highlighting digital cultural heritage collections of photographs.

Online resources curated by PHOTOCONSORTIUM:

All Our Yesterdays was conceived as a travelling exhibition to showcase how life was at the time of our grand-grand fathers. The online galleries and the virtual tour allow to browse over 100 years of photography from all over Europe, from the very beginning of the invention of photography (normally considered in 1839 when Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype) to the first half of the 20th century.

Europeana Photography: this is a thematic platform on photography that is published by Europeana,  and contains over 1 million high-quality images, and invites visitors to explore its treasures by using the search bar or browsing options. Furthermore, users are guided through the content more intently via a plethora of curated features, from predefined queries and blog posts, to picture galleries and large-scale exhibitions – all handpicked and narrated by PHOTOCONSORTIUM curators.

Europeana Migration: at a time when the word ‘migrant’ is often accompanied by the word ‘crisis’, PHOTOCONSORTIUM is joining Europeana in its efforts to show Europe’s history of migration in a different light. Through a thematic collection containing a varied range of objects from all over the continent, stories great and small tell the tale of our past (and present!) as a product of many cultural influences.







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