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This section includes useful information, guidelines and documentation for digitized photographic heritage, metadata treatment, indexing and archiving.

Open Access spectral data for documentary heritage digitisation

Interesting research done at KU Leuven’s Imaging Lab, by making spectral measurements on digitized heritage objects in order to develop a procedure for faithful reproduction which can by used in a wide range of data. The dataset resulting from the investigation is also available as open data via Zenodo.

Read more and access all information HERE

General factsheets from EuropeanaPhotography project

EuropeanaPhotography project was the mother of Photoconsortium association. In 2012-2015 the project digitized ca. 450.000 vintage photographs to be published online and then shared to Europeana. During this period a wealth of expertise was matured and captured in various documents. Here few key factsheets on digitization and metadata:

  • Practical recommendations for digitization (PDF, 63KB), by Bruno Vandermeulen – KU Leuven
  • General recommendations for digitization (PDF, 69KB), by Carles Mitjà and Bea Martínez – CITM/UPC
  • Digitization systems and procedures in photographic image archives (PDF, 149 KB), from a workshop in Girona
  • Metadata transformation and ingestion (PDF, 88KB), by Nikos Simou – NTUA
  • Indexing and multilingual support (PDF, 69KB), by Nacha Van Steen – KMKG

Digitization with PhaseOne photocamera

This is a report from expert Photoconsortium member CRDI, about the characterisation and recommended procedures for photography digitisation: a complete analysis of the digitisation system: optics aberration, MTF, OECF, Noise, Colour profiles, etc., in order to optimize the capture:

  • Device characterization and recommended procedures (PDF, 4 Mb)

Europeana and how to join

Europeana, the great European digital library, helps cultural institutions around Europe to share their digital collections with a wider audience. To be included in Europeana, data has to be in a specific format with different requirements that allow for publication and other services. Here some preliminary information:

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