Audiovisuals of photographic processes


About old photo techniques, introduction by Fred Truyen
PHOTOCONSORTIUM President Fred Truyen explains in a friendly way some of the old photo techniques and how they define the character of the photograph, in a nice article appeared on KU Leuven’s official blog “Cultural Studies Leuven”.


The video recreates the Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre study in France in 1839 to show, step by step, various techniques and procedures for the preparation of a daguerreotype.



The video shows the process of elaboration of positive copies in paper with albumen technique in Girona in 1860.



Virtual reconstruction of the experiments of Eadweard Muybridge between 1877 and 1879 to succeed in capturing the movement of a galloping horse with the chronophotography.



Video showcasing the wet collodion process.



The video explains the process of making a photogravure, the technology most used for the printing of photography. The recreation is based on the original Talbot-Klic technique (1879) with some procedural variants.



The video shows the internal operation of a digital camera and explains in a didactic way the process of creation of the image, from the reception of the image to the storage in the memory card.


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