Open call for technical support in EUreka3D

In the context of EUreka3D project (01/01/2023 – 31/12/2024), Photoconsortium launched an open call for technical support with MINT mapping and aggregation.

REF: Task 2.3 of the EUreka3D Grant Agreement

This task ensures the correct mapping to EDM via the MINT mapping tool, in compliance with the EPF requirements of minimum tier 2 (content) and tier A (metadata) of the digitised collection, in close collaboration with the Europeana CSP operator.

Responsible partner: Photoconsortium

A service contract is established, with the following requirements:

Activities foreseen in the service contract

The service contract supports the work of Photoconsortium’s internal staff in the interaction with EUreka3D content providers, with the aim to enable datasets preparation, grant appropriate mapping to EDM, perform quality check also via the METIS Sandbox, maintain liaisons with Europeana Data Processing Service.

The work includes:

  • Support to content providers in preparing the metadata for MINT mapping: liaison and advice, procedural guidance, technical support, hands-on tutoring
  • Quality checks of the source dataset
  • Preparation and finalization of the mapping to EDM via MINT and publication on OAI-PMH server
  • Additional quality checks in the METIS Sandbox, especially to grant compliance with EPF target tiers (2 and A)
  • Liaison with Europeana Data Processing Service for any request of metadata improvement/modification

Duration of the activities

The activities are linked to the EUreka3D project, and thus will conclude at the project’s contractual end on 31/12/2024. However, any possible further necessity for metadata and aggregation refinements requested by EC as a condition for the approval of the project’s Technical Report will be covered by the service provider irrespectively of the contractual end of the project.

Service offers and selection of the provider

The best Value for Money ratio is considered for the selection, among the offers received within the deadline of 31/3/2023. Additional selection criteria may include: previous experience with the MINT-mapping tool; participation in current or previous projects of the Europeana ecosystem.

Description of services with a clear cost breakdown can be issued to the following email addresses:,,

Results of the open call

Offers received: 1

Name of the provider: Datoptron –

Evaluation: the offer is compliant to the requested services




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