Legal Representatives

Photoconsortium’s legal representatives according to the Statute are the President and the Vicepresident, who are appointed by the Steering Committee among its members. The current group was elected in October 2019 and will run the mandate for 5 years. The power of attorney and the legal representation of the association are conferred, in disjointed way, to the President and Vicepresident of the association, who can subscribe all administrative acts regarding the association.


fredPresident: Fred Truyen (BE)

Fred is Professor at the Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven where he is in charge of the mediaLab CS Digital. He publishes on Digitization, Photography and E-Learning. He is involved in many projects on Open Educational Resources and on Europeana.His main research focus is the digital transformation roadmap for Cultural Heritage Institutions.

Vicepresident: Antonella Fresa (IT)

Antonella is working on European projects since the nineties. Since 2002, she is technical coordinator and communication manager of national and European projects in the domains of digital cultural heritage, creativity and co-creation, citizen science, smart cities, digital preservation and e-infrastructures.


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