3.5 million press photographs donated to the Journalistic Picture Archive JOKA (Finland)

3.5 million press photographs donated to the Journalistic Picture Archive JOKA (Finland)

ph. Otavamedia/JOKA/Finnish Heritage Agency.

Congratulations to PHOTOCONSORTIUM member Museovirasto / The Finnish Heritage Agengy!
Otavamedia’s extensive picture archive with historical significance, consisting of approximately 3.5 million prints, negatives and slides in total, was donated this autumn to the Journalistic Picture Archive JOKA of the Finnish Heritage Agency.

The donated picture archive is an excellent complement to the collection profile of the Journalistic Picture Archive JOKA with regard to magazines and reportage photographs and an important addition to the national collection of press photographs.
The Otavamedia picture archive is the most extensive and important collection of magazine photographs in Finland,” Intendant Inkamaija Iitiä describes the donation. The donated material consists of images from well-known Finnish magazines, as well as entertainment and special interest magazines. These include, for example, photographs from the Suomen Kuvalehti, Kotiliesi, Seura, Anna, Tekniikan Maailma, Vene, Elokuva-Aitta, Hymy and Suosikki magazines. The archive is a cross-section of the Finnish society and news events, political history and influential people as well as celebrities, wellbeing, home and everyday life, fashion, music, youth culture, technology and hobbies. The press photographs range from the late 1930s up to the early 2000s. The photographers of Otavamedia include famous names such as Tuovi Nousiainen, Jorma Blomqvist, Jorma Marstio, Antti Taskinen, Pekka Nieminen, Teppo Lipasti, Kari Santala, Petri Kaipiainen, Hannu Lindroos, Ari Heinonen, Markku Niskanen and Jorma Pouta.
With this donation, we want to support JOKA in its task of preserving the central cultural heritage of press photography published in Finland since the early 1900s,” says Otavamedia’s Publishing Director Katriina Kaarre.
After the donation, the collections of the Journalistic Picture Archive JOKA of the Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency include 13 million press photographs.

Otavamedia sample collection in the online photograph services of the Finnish Heritage Agency:


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