Accelerazione Pericolosa, photographic exhibition about climate change

Accelerazione Pericolosa, photographic exhibition about climate change

The Piaggio Foundation in Pontedera (Italy) organized and hosts until 8th April a photographic exhibition by Fabrizio Sbrana dedicated to the theme of climate change. The exhibition, composed by 30 photographs on display at the Museo Piaggio and also available in a virtual tour accessible online, is the reinterpretation of Sbrana’s reportage photographs, shot during many travels around the world, from the 1980s to the present day.

From Zambia to Italy, from Brazil to Spain, from Ethiopia to Iceland passing through Tunisia and Namibia, the images testify, over the years and changing landscapes and latitudes, the scream of the Earth and its wounds, between light and dark, lights and shadows, despair and hope.

Visit the exhibition online via a high-quality virtual tour:

fabrizio-sbrana-virtual tour

The exhibition is an opportunity to contribute to reflections around a theme, the climate change, that is dramatically in focus nowadays, so to participate in the collective awareness-raising process that must accompany the concrete actions of governments, institutions and businesses. In addition to the photographs, the exhibition leverages the storytelling by astrophysicist Luca Perri, who has long been involved in scientific dissemination on radio, television, print media, festivals, social networks and through experiments of citizen science.

As the President of the Piaggio Foundation, Riccardo Costagliola, wrote in the introductory text to the exhibition, “if it is true that the salvation of our planet depends on the ability by governments to guiding the processes of energy and industry transition, it is also true that each of us can make an important contribution to achieve this goal and can do it in our daily life”.

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