Amateur sport in Girona, virtual exhibition

Amateur sport in Girona, virtual exhibition

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WeAre#EuropeForCulture project organized in 2019 a number of pop-up exhibitions across European cities, with a focus on fostering a participatory approach of citizens in cultural heritage. In Catalonia, “L’esport amateur a Girona” exhibition was co-created in collaboration with GEiEG, a well established and renowned sports association in Girona that in 2019 celebrated its 100th anniversary. This association was founded with the initial objective of promoting hiking and other cultural and recreational activities, and soon began organizing sports activities for fans, first focused on athletics and later including all kinds of sports. To co-create the exhibition, seniors and members of the sports association were invited to share memories, to offer photographs for digitization and to help create metadata and stories, with the aim to build a nice collection of photographs from the association’s archive.

Coordinated and hosted by CRDI, the Municipality centre for audiovisual heritage, the exhibition was produced sourcing materials through a series of meetings with citizens. A final co-creation event allowed to complete the narratives and the set up, after which the interactive showcase was integrated in a large exhibition at the House of Culture in Girona.

Now the exhibtion can be enjoyed in a dedicated section of the CRDI’s website:

Virtual exhibition:




eych-2018-lavender_enWeAre#EuropeForCulture is funded by the European Commission

under the service contract EAC-2018-0415

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