Authenticity accelerated: Topfoto reveals new look (Gen AI not included)

Authenticity accelerated: Topfoto reveals new look (Gen AI not included)

Credit: Saltwick Media / Topfoto


Photoconsortium’s partner Topfoto, the remarkable historical picture agency and archive founded in 1927, has revealed a reimagined brand identity to welcome the next chapter of this nearly 100-year young firm.

With renewed focus upon making it easier for image buyers and creatives to source what they need, the identity is a celebration of all that makes Topfoto unique: its extensive, exclusive archive and the expertise of the team who represent it.

Defined by a vast legacy and pioneering attitude, the Topfoto brand embraces both its impressive heritage and trailblazing spirit. The profound challenge of generative AI means this is the exact moment to show why and how Topfoto is amongst the best independent photographic archives in the world, passionately committed to authenticity, exclusive collections and commercial thinking on its clients’ behalf.

Home of the brilliant and the bonkers, Topfoto believes trusted, culturally significant imagery is the key to helping every business win audience attention and commitment. Authenticity works, and Topfoto’s famous archive, which begins with glass plate negatives dating from 1900, is as real as it gets.


Credit: Saltwick Media / Topfoto
Credit: Saltwick Media / Topfoto


All communications require human connection to resonate. Topfoto’s tenacious pursuit of authenticity brings together original imagery and the ability to think commercially and creatively on its clients’ behalf, providing a definitive edge and meaning, for any narrative. Working with the world’s biggest – and most boutique – brands, Topfoto is a veritable trove of thrilling images to bring stories to life.

Go to the Topfoto website and you’ll find the home page refocussed. Logos from a few key clients, including Dior, the V&A, Tyrrells, Penguin Random House, Air Mail News, Barker Langham, Brighton & Hove Museum and Autograph ABP, celebrate the collaborative mindset Topfoto brings to help clients get their best result. First though, the video of the archive rolls down below. For some, this will be all new; others will enjoy the stroll on memory lane!


Branding by Ditto Creative //
Brand photography & video by Saltwick Media //


Managing Partner, Flora Smith, says: “Beyond the legal and ethical minefields, images built by generative AI do not create goosebumps. For almost a century, Topfoto has been trusted to deliver authentic images, rich with the stories both in front of – and behind – the lens. In a world being flooded by artificially generated “news” and “historical” images, we stand by our promise to celebrate the brilliance and authenticity of photography – history – and we are building our new look to emphasise that commitment.”

The renewed visual identity brings together the impressive heritage of the archive with the modern view of the Topfoto team, drawing upon classic design influences and contemporary styling for an aesthetic which inspires curiosity and communicates depth.

All launch content and news updates will be on Topfoto Instagram and LinkedIn, throughout the year. Stay tuned!


Credit: Saltwick Media / Topfoto
Credit: Saltwick Media / Topfoto


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