Centrum Agrarische Geschiedenis, Photoconsortium’s new member

Centrum Agrarische Geschiedenis, Photoconsortium’s new member

img. ‘Ladies picking apples’, 1936. In: Landbouwleven/Le sillon belge, 1936. Courtesy of CAG.

Centrum Agrarische Geschiedenis (CAG), a knowledge centre for agrarian heritage based in Leuven (Belgium), has become a new member of Photoconsortium. Agricultural heritage in Flanders is cherished and kept alive by numerous, active local heritage communities, by the managers of many public and private collections, and by professionals and volunteers within and outside the classical heritage sector.

CAG, together with these communities and in collaboration with various partners in Flanders including KU Leuven, that is one of the founder members of Photoconsortium, wants to preserve, secure and open up the agricultural heritage and the history of agriculture, food and rural life, looking at tangible and intangible heritage in both a national and international context. These are contents with a great value especially for historic and social studies, and the collections have the potential to engage everybody in these researches, since all of us have a connection with agriculture, food and rural environment.

The participation of CAG in Photoconsortium is very much welcome as it will widen our views and knowledge regarding the heritage of rural life and tradition and how they influenced today’s lifestyle, since CAG pays particular attention to the interaction between past, present and future.

The official presentation of CAG to the other members of Photoconsortium will take place during the General Assembly of Members next 5th June 2023 in Rome, but the partnership has already begun in order to discuss future projects and activities.

To find any additional informations about CAG, click this link, that will take you directly to their site.


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