“De-centering the history of international organisations” workshop by KADOC-KU Leuven

“De-centering the history of international organisations” workshop by KADOC-KU Leuven

International and transnational organisations have been prominent actors in histories of the long 20th century, but there has been little reflection on how historians can apply those same methodological perspectives to the use of these organisation’s archives.

In order to discuss the “de-centering” of the history of international and transnational organisations, this workshop focuses on methodological and epistemological reflections, and aims to bring together scholars working on all different strands of internationalism – from intergovernmental to non-governmental and civil society organisations, from religious internationals to trade union confederations and financial institutions while answering key questions. Contributions that are based on a critical evaluation of experiences in the field (particularly in archives) will be welcomed, in order highlight how researchers have considered the methodological implications of de-centring their examination of these international organisations.

The workshop, called “De-centering the history of international organisations” and organized by KADOC-KU Leuven, will take place from November 29 to December 1, 2023. Participants will be asked to submit a max. 4 page paper by 14 November, 2023, complementing the 12-15 min oral presentations given during the workshop.

More information will follow, it’s possible to get updated at this link.

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