EUreka3D: kick-off meeting in Pisa

EUreka3D: kick-off meeting in Pisa

img. EUreka3D kick-off meeting at Museo della Grafica.

The EUreka3D project, co-funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union, addresses the growing need of enabling the digital transformation of the Cultural Heritage (CH) sector, in line with and complementing the scopes of the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage. EUreka3D supports the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector, by offering capacity building and training, and new services, to Cultural Heritage Institutions facing the challenge of advancing in the digitization effort, especially in 3D digitization, access, storage, sharing.

EUreka3D-300x117The kick-off meeting was organized by the project coordinator PHOTOCONSORTIUM in Pisa on 23-24 January 2023, hosted at the Museo della Grafica.

On the first day, the kick-off meeting served to partners to review the workplan and align tasks and activities. The Project Officer Mrs. Kyriaki Tragouda also participated with an introductory talk to clarify various aspects about the context in which the project is funded and illustrated reporting and administrative tasks.

On the second day, two complementary events were planned: a  training and capacity building event that is part of the effort for the European Data Space for Cultural Heritage training programme, open to everyone in hybrid form; and a networking session with sister projects funded in the same area of work, coordinated by Europeana Foundation.

Monday 23rd January

Kick-off meeting – partners only

Tuesday 24th January, sharing digital cultural collections and fostering reuse: awareness and training session – in collaboration with Europeana Foundation public event, read more here

Networking session of DEP projects involved with 3D digitization, capacity building and tools – on invitation

eu emblemEUreka3D project is co-financed by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union.


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