EUreka3D at the Mnemosyne summer school in Cyprus

EUreka3D at the Mnemosyne summer school in Cyprus

The Mnemosyne Project Summer-School is going to be in Limassol (Cyprus) at the Pefkos-Hotel from the 23rd until the 27th of October 2023.  The Deputy Minister of Culture, the Deputy Minister of Research & Innovation, the Mayor of Limassol will be present at the Opening Ceremony.

The event with the title: “Re-envisioning Cultural Heritage Documentation in the Metaverse Age” will focus on the training of scholars, stakeholders and other professionals in the area of 2D/3D digital documentation of Tangible Cultural Heritage. Drawing from a wide range of experts, stakeholders and policy-makers the school’s leaders’ capacities to identify, record, protect and manage heritage assets will be selectively showcased to attendees, enabling the active engagement of communities – including women, youth and civil society.

As part of the training, a session about the EUreka3D action will take place on 24th October, coordinated by the project leader Antonella Fresa (Photoconsortium) and Marinos Ioannides (Cyprus University of Technology), specifically focusing on emphasis on the use of Cloud Infrastructures and the process of aggregating and harvesting high quality 3D models for publication in Europeana.

In the context of the summer school, a hands-on session is also planned to digitize one of the most important squares of Limassol: the so called Friendship Square, a place in the bicommunal area of Limassol, which is going to be fully restored and used as the 1st of its kind project for the rapprochement between GR and TR Cypriots. The Municipality of Limassol, the Bishopric and all other involved authorities gave the permission to digitise the entire square and create the 3D BIM models from the two most important monuments: The Saint Antonio Church as well as the two hundred meters away Ibrahim-Aga Mosque. It is expcetd that the models and associated metadata will be aggregatesd and harvested for publication in Europeana.


eu emblemEUreka3D project is co-financed by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union.

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