Europeana Aggregators Forum online 15-16 October 2020

Europeana Aggregators Forum online 15-16 October 2020

A large number of institutions operate in various European countries to enable content holders share their collections to Europeana, the European digital library. These institutions are named Europeana Aggregators, and work for enriching and improving the wealth of Europeana collections by improving content and metadata quality and by bringing other collections and content holders on board. PHOTOCONSORTIUM is the accredited aggregator on heritage photography.

The Europeana Aggregator Forum (EAF) was established in 2012 to enable aggregators to generate and exchange ideas, knowledge, experiences and best practices. Its purpose was to foster closer working relationships and two-way communication between all its members. Twice a year the members of the forum meet face-to-face, but in covid-time the Forum has been translated into a nice online event.

Next appointment is on 15-16 October with a dense programme of collective discussions and presentations. Among those, the PHOTOCONSORTIUM team will deliver a lightning talk entitled “Digital transformation for user engagament in cultural heritage”, showcasing examples and lessons learnt from initiatives which brought Europeana content closer to citizens, students, and general users.

Europeana Accredited Aggregators:


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Photoconsortium, International Consortium for Photographic Heritage

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