Explore new eLearning activities developed by Photoconsortium on Historiana

Explore new eLearning activities developed by Photoconsortium on Historiana

img. from Historiana website, CC-BY-4.0 EuroClio – European Association of History Educators, with a photo by Pietro Masi.


What can we learn about the Irish diaspora through the analysis of photos from Irish graveyards?

And is it possible to reconstruct the history of the city of Trapani by examining photos of the traces left by different colonizations on the territory and its intangible heritage?

Two new eLearning activities have been developed by PHOTOCONSORTIUM on Historiana, the online multimedia tool co-funded by the European Union, providing teachers with historical sources and original ways to enhance their lessons and capture students’ attention. In these activities, students are asked to analyze the images and are guided through the reasoning. In one case, they will reflect on how much the significant Irish migration in history affected people’s attachment to traditions. In the other, they will discover how the influence of various civilizations has transformed the territory of Trapani and its traditions.

The photo collections of historical heritage from South-West Ireland, Campina de Faro, Altiplano de Granada and Sicilian inland are all curated by PHOTOCONSORTIUM in Europeana in partnership with the INCULTUM H2020 project, aimed at promoting cultural tourism in Europe.

Discover the two new eLearning activities:  here about Ireland and here about Trapani.


This effort and blog are part of the project on a common European data space for cultural heritage, for supporting reuse of digital resources and capacity building in the area of digital transformation of the education and cultural sector.

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