Fifties Friday: “Framed! At work in Nyköpings Guldlistfabrik”

Fifties Friday: “Framed! At work in Nyköpings Guldlistfabrik”

img. Sörmlands museum CC-BY-SA.

From the curatorial effort of the EU project 1950s in Europe Kaleidoscope, every week on Friday there’s a new set of carefully selected photographs to be explored on the project’s website.

Today we present “Framed! At work in Nyköpings Guldlistfabrik”.

This portrait series, provided to Europeana by Sörmlands Museum (SE), dates from 1958 and depicts the employees of Nyköpings Guldlistfabrik: a Swedish company specialized in producing and gilding picture frames. Each worker has been portrayed in his or her working place, demonstrating the skills and processes required to turn wood and paint into a fine piece of workmanship.

Fifties Friday:




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