Fifties Friday: Pretty industrious: John Blom at Elektro-Mekano

Fifties Friday: Pretty industrious: John Blom at Elektro-Mekano

img. Kulturmagasinet, Helsingborgs museer,PD via Europeana.

From the curatorial effort of the EU project 1950s in Europe Kaleidoscope, every week on Friday there’s a new set of carefully selected photographs to be explored on the project’s website.

Today we present “Pretty industrious: John Blom at Elektro-Mekano”

These pictures, contributed to Europeana by Helsingborgs museer (SE), were produced by Swedish photographer John Blom in the 1950s. Blom worked at the Elektro-Mekano company in Helsingborg from 1929 through 1980. With a great eye for detail, he manages to bring the factory halls to life, turning massive machines into awe-inspiring monuments.

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