Getty’s online collection of photographs and arts enlarges

Getty’s online collection of photographs and arts enlarges

Walker Evans (American, 1903 – 1975), A Baptist Grave, Hale County, Alabama, 1936, Gelatin silver print, 15.6 × 22.5 cm (6 1/8 × 8 7/8 in.), 84.XM.956.437, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

The Getty Digital Archive, always devoted to expanding knowledge of art and culture from all over the world, continues its mission of granting open access to thousands high resolution scans of paintings, sculptures, photographs and other cultural content, for a wealth of over 135.000 free online resources. The digital collection opens content that usually stays hidden from the public, as well as thousands of pieces currently on display in one of its many museums. Completely free, the online archive serves as an invaluable teaching and learning tool, a vast repository preserving international art history online.

But the bulk of the digital collection consists of photographs, with nearly 112,00 free access images (and much more content of other types). The Getty has “assembled the finest and most comprehensive corpus of photographs on the West Coast” in its photography collection (not to be confused with Getty’s son’s media empire), with “substantial holdings by some of the most significant masters of the 20th century.” The collection is also “particularly rich in works dating from the time of photography’s invention” and its development in the mid-19th century.

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