Understanding photographic and audiovisual carriers

Understanding photographic and audiovisual carriers

Knowyourcarrier.com – Have you got a cassette, videotape, record, disc or some kind of film stock, but you don’t know exactly what it is or how to play it? Or maybe you’ve found some photographic materials that you think may have some heritage value? Knowyourcarrier.com can help quickly identify audiovisual and photographic carriers.

At knowyourcarrier.com, users are guided through specific questions and images in a convenient decision tree, that allows step-by-step to identify audiovisual and photographic carriers, to understand if there is a heritage value in the material or content, and to access information about digitization and preservation.

The tool was developed with the aim of helping heritage managers, other professionals and the general public to work out what audiovisual and photographic materials they may have in their possession – to improve preservation and storage conditions so they can be enjoyed for longer. This way, meemooo is ensuring that valuable heritage is not lost.

The recommendations are made on knowledge and experience of skilled professionals at meemoo, Flemish Institute for Archives, and checked with relevant external experts in the field.



Knowyourcarrier.com is an initiative set up by meemoo, Flemish Institute for Archives. The project was launched for audiovisual carriers in 2018 and won an Archive Achievement Award in October 2019, presented by FIAT/IFTA, within the ‘Excellence in Media Preservation’ category. In 2023, meemoo added photographic carriers to the website and gave the platform a fresh new look. This expansion and freshening up is part of the Flemish Government’s Resilience Recovery Plan, and was made possible with support from the European Regional Development Fund. The photographic part of knowyourcarrier.com has been made possible with support and expertise from FOMU Photo Museum Antwerperfgoedcellen.beUniversity of AntwerpNederlands FotomuseumD/Arch, Sabine Cauberghs and Johan Swinnen.

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