Meet our member: Rudy Pessina and Association IMAGO

Meet our member: Rudy Pessina and Association IMAGO

img.: the digitization station at All Our Yesterdays exhibition in Pisa, operated by Rudy Pessina.

imagoIMAGO is a cultural no-profit association settled in Pisa, which was born in 2002 thanks to the effort and passion of a group of people who are in love with visual arts. President of IMAGO is photograph and photography expert Rudy Pessina. Photography plays the leading role for IMAGO, but also video-art, painting, drawing and many other artistic expressions are the subject of IMAGO’s activities. Even music, dance and theater are used to contaminate IMAGO’s events.

IMAGO collaborated to various activities since Europeana Photography project and with PHOTOCONSORTIUM, particularly with the crowdsourcing action done during the “All Our Yesterdays” exhibition in the Spring 2014 in Pisa. All the visitors were invited to bring at the Museum their own vintage family photos, to be digitized and included in a virtual collection. The citizens’ feedback was enthusiastic and about 1,000 photos were provided for digitization. The digital images are preserved in the Promoter’s Digital Gallery and are shared for cultural and dissemination purposes.

Then, IMAGO and Rudy curated a selection of 80 of them, again displayed in the rooms of Palazzo Lanfranchi, on 6-14 December 2014 under the title “Ricordi dai nostri album di famiglia”. This is a truly crowdsourced exhibition, born thanks to the citizen of Pisa and near towns, who provided their vintage photos to be brought back to life through the digital technologies.

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