NEMO publishes guidelines to support museums with education and engagement activities

NEMO publishes guidelines to support museums with education and engagement activities

img. from the NEMO report.

A new set of guidelines, developed in consultation with German museum educators, curators and directors who shared their individual perspectives and experience by the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) supports museums to create successful education and public engagement activities that are relevant to an ever changing and diverse society.

The guidelines, published by the NEMO Working Group LEM – The Learning Museum, acknowledge that education and public engagement are key tasks of museums today. When successfully executed, such activities can strengthen the role of museums in, with and for society. The guidelines apply to museums of all sizes, and the suggestions may be implemented step-by-step while still yielding positive results for both audience and museum, such as offering recommendations on how staff can develop and further professionalise education and public engagement at their museums independent of the size and organisational form of their respective museum.

The guidelines also aim to consolidate professional work in the field of education and public engagement beyond temporary project-based activities. Therefore, a recommendation is made for museums to define an educational concept that is developed by the education and public engagement department and supported by all employees.

Access here the NEMO Guidlines

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