Photoconsortium is part of the Europeana Capacity Building Working Group

Photoconsortium is part of the Europeana Capacity Building Working Group

img. from Europeana Training Platform.

In the context of the common European data space for cultural heritage, an effort is done to improve and extend the actions for supporting capacity building of the cultural heritage institutions and professionals in their digital transofrmation journey. A dedicated working group was created and coordinated by Europeana, including various participants form the Europeana initiative among whom Valentina Bachi of Photoconsortium.

The Capacity Building Working Group met regularly with the scope to:

  • Translate recognised and identifying emerging needs of previous capacity building activities into practical training needs and opportunities.
  • Work towards a “Europeana curriculum” in which the products and services from the Europeana Initiative are featured.
  • Identify a Europeana Initiative wide infrastructure for the promotion and delivery of training and other capacity building activities.

As a major outcome of the Working Group, the Europeana Training Platform has been released in a pilot environment. is the platform to learn about many different topics related to Digital Cultural Heritage. The ever expanding offer ranges from basic introductions to specific deep dives for experts. It has valuable courses for cultural heritage professionals, users of digital cultural heritage, policymakers, professionals from other data spaces and many other stakeholders.


This effort and blog are part of the project on a common European data space for cultural heritage, for supporting reuse of digital resources and capacity building in the area of digital transformation of the education and cultural sector.

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