Photocontest: “A photographer for Eurazeo”

Photocontest: “A photographer for Eurazeo”

For the past fifteen years, Eurazeo has actively supported photography through the purchase of original works, which are showcased in its annual report and in its Paris and New York offices. In 2010, the investment company decided to further this policy by creating a competition rewarding a professional or student photographer’s work based on an annual theme. The contest, known as “A photographer for Eurazeo,” covers all fields of photography and the full spectrum of photographers: known, unknown, confirmed, emerging, visual artists, reporters, landscape, portrait, etc.

Over each of the past nine years, photographers have been invited to delve into their imagination and present their vision of the competition’s theme In addition to a coherently structured photo series, the ten-member Grand Prix jury comprising professionals from the world of photography and Eurazeo representatives seeks to reward work that reflects a personal and committed vision. Over the years, “A photographer for Eurazeo” has recognized the work of photographers from diverse backgrounds, including Jean-François Rauzier, Alexandre Parrot, Christophe Dugied, Michel Kirch, Hans Silvester, Muriel Bordier, Marc Krüger and Gilles Coulon.

2018 edition theme is L’Audace. The contest is currently open for submissions!

DEADLINE: 30th October 2018


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