Results of Europeana elections

Results of Europeana elections

ph. Historisch centrum Limburg Netherlands CC BY-SA via Europeana.

The results of the 2018 Europeana Network Association Members Council elections are now shared! Of the 89 candidates who came forward in this year’s elections, Europeana Association members selected 28 excellent candidates to fill the open seats in the Members Council. These are both covered by re-elected members and new ones. The new Council represents various backgrounds, interests and expertise and the new Councillors will be active and regularly engaged in leading and steering the six Europeana Network Association communities (EuropeanaTech, Communicators, Copyright, Community of Education, Impact and Research) and their activities.

Photoconsortium is particularly happy to congratulate Fred Truyen and Erik Buelinckx who were just re-elected and Pilar Irala Hortal who steps in the Members Council for the first time!

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