Second webinar about GLAMs and copyright – 30/4 h. 16 CET

Second webinar about GLAMs and copyright – 30/4 h. 16 CET

Earlier in March, a first webinar was organized to talk about copyright in times of Covid-19 and, as there was a lot of interest from participants, a follow up event was promised. We are happy to announce the second webinar of what will hopefully become a longer series, which will take place on Thursday 30 April at 16h CEST.

The topic will be GLAM Collections on Social Media: Navigating Copyright Questions, and we’ve got three great speakers lined up! It’ll be an informal conversation, so we invite you to join and share your thoughts.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) institutions are investing more in their digital engagement strategies, including going online on social media to share their collections o envision new ways of engaging with their public. And even after the crisis settles, there is a strong chance that social distancing measures will modify how we interact in public spaces and visit GLAM institutions.

What are the implications of these new social media strategies for sharing the collections? What should we do with rights management? How do we navigate copyright questions that arise form sharing our collection online? How do make sure that we are not putting our users at risk by sharing collections they can’t re-use? How would this crisis push the on copyright and social media strategies?

Join Anne Young, Director of Intellectual Property Affairs at Newsfield, Aleksandra Strzelichowska, Collections Engagement Team, Senior Online Marketing Specialist from Europeana, and Mikka Gee Conway, Associate General Counsel at the J. Paul Getty Trust, to navigate copyright questions around GLAM Collections on Social Media.

To give us an idea of the number of participants, please sign up through eventbrite.

To join, just click on this link at the time of the webinar.


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