Stereo Photography: Images, Inventions and Advancements

Stereo Photography: Images, Inventions and Advancements
img. The Brewster stereoscope 1849, PD.
University of St Andrews, Special Collections
18-19 October, 2018
The Byre Theatre, St Andrews Scotland
stereoThe University of St Andrews Library, Special Collections Division will be hosting a conference on Stereo Photography on 18-19 October, 2018 in conjunction with the St Andrews Photography Festival 2018: (Stereo)Views of Scotland.
The topics are broad reaching and will cover both the historic as well as the contemporary; from the rivalry between Sir David Brewster and Charles Wheatstone to how we have used, understood and interacted with 3D photography over the past two centuries.
This two day conference is an opportunity for researchers, historians, photographers, collectors, curators, collections staff and photo-enthusiasts alike to come together, in the home of Scottish Photography and picturesque town of St Andrews to gain a better understanding of the birth, development and evolving media that is stereoscopy.
All 3D presentations throughout the conference are delivered with the generous support of the London Stereoscopic Company.
You can view and download the Conference Agenda here: Stereo Conference Agenda (PDF, 167 KB)
You can register for the conference here:

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