Symposium organized by ICOM in Spain links photography and cultural heritage

Symposium organized by ICOM in Spain links photography and cultural heritage

img: Hercule Florence, L’Ami des arts livré à lui-même, page 42, text: “Photographie ou Imprimerie à la lumière solaire. 1837”. First time the word “photograph” appears written in a document.


Organized by ICOM in Spain and hosted by the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern on the 23rd of September 2023, the one-day symposium “Re-defining photography within the context of cultural heritage” aims to encourage an open debate on what we understand as photography in our time by reflecting on the definition of photography, especially focusing on the crossroad between analogue and digital.

Additionally, photography is culturally very valuable and a fundamental tool to know our past: establishing a new definition that covers in depth all that it encompass is therefore crucial. However, the goal of this event is not to provide a concrete new definition of photography, but rather a starting point to further debate and reflect on this topic, as it evolves and continues to affect different stakeholders.

To discover more about the event, to register and to see the complete programme follow this link.

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