Topfoto photographs of Yoko Ono at the Tate Modern exhibition from 15 February 2024

Topfoto photographs of Yoko Ono at the Tate Modern exhibition from 15 February 2024

Yoko Ono with Glass Hammer 1967 from HALF-A-WIND SHOW, Lisson Gallery, London, 1967. Photograph © Clay Perry / Artwork © Yoko Ono


Opening 15 February at Tate Modern in London, YOKO ONO: MUSIC OF THE MIND is the UK’s largest exhibition celebrating key moments in Ono’s groundbreaking, influential and multidisciplinary career, from the mid 1950s to now.

Our partner Topfoto recently acquired the Graham Keen Archive, and in the heart of the Tate Modern exhibition are three of Keen’s fascinating photographs of Yoko Ono setting up her solo show at Indica Gallery in 1966 on the very day that she met her future husband and collaborator, John Lennon. The exhibition prints were specially made by Robin Bell from Keen’s original negatives.

Yoko Ono is a trailblazer of early concettuale and participatory art, film and performance, a celebrated musician, and a formidable campaigner for world peace. Developing her practice in the United States, Japan and the UK, ideas are central to her art, often expressed in poetic, humorous, profound and radical ways.

The show traces the development of her practice and explores some of Ono’s most talked about and powerful artworks and performances. Audiences will discover over 200 works including instruction pieces, scores, installations, films, music and photography. The exhibition reveals a groundbreaking approach to language, art and participation that continues to speak to the present moment.

The exhibition will run until 1st September 2024, don’t miss it!

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