Webinar by CEPIC on Authenticity in Times of Fake News

Webinar by CEPIC on Authenticity in Times of Fake News

In a time of unabated high level piracy and global erosion of trust in content provenance due to “fake news”, “deep fakes” and AI-created imagery, content authenticity has become a
key marketing factor in advertising and news. The aim of this CEPIC Technology Webinar is to provide an introduction to innovative tools that preserve the integrity of digital visual content, from provenance to authorship.

The panel of experts comprise:

  • Scott Lowenstein, R&D strategist at the New York Times
  • Andy Parsons, Director, Content Authenticity Initiative at Adobe
  • Janos Farkas, Founder & CEO at CLink Media

Adobe and the New York Times Company believe that content authenticity is a shared responsibility among creators, technology and media companies. In 2019 the Content Authenticity Initiative was launched to provide standards for attribution and provenance. The Initiative seeks support and is inviting other companies to join forces. CLink Media is one of these companies. A year ago CLink Media launched a distributed infrastructure application for asserting content attribution and rights, processing licenses, disseminating and handling attribution for online content.

As per CEPIC’s usual webinar format, there will be a half hour panel presentation followed by another half hour of questions and feedback from participants. CEPIC’s webinars are interactive and allow participants to network virtually. This webinar is aimed at press photo agencies, photojournalists, stock photo agencies, professional photographers and picture editors.

FORMAT: Zoom features
DATE: 21st January 17 H – 18 H CET
ADMISSION: 16.45 H – Overtime possible until 18.15 H CET

CEPIC member fee: 29, – € with promo code / Non CEPIC members: 49, – € / Photographers: 9, – €

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