Thousands are Sailing, photograhic exhibition in Pisa, 12 Oct – 11 Nov 2018

Thousands are Sailing, photograhic exhibition in Pisa, 12 Oct – 11 Nov 2018

A special collection in Europeana, devoted to Migration stories and histories, was launched in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, and explores how, since the earliest ages, people-on-the-move have shaped society, culture, arts and sciences. In addition to an online platform offering a wide range of curated features – among which, as from October 2019, an extensive virtual exhibition – this Thematic Collection now also hits the road with a showcase tailor-made for Pisa’s Museo della Grafica.

20 portraits – some formal and posed, some casually or inconspicuously snapped – represent equally as many stories of people who left their native country to go settle abroad. That the portrait genre was chosen as a medium for this exhibition is no coincidence: these images give “the migrant” a face and a distinctive voice, reminding us of the fact that migration isn’t an abstract concept but a daily reality.

For many centuries, establishing a new home on foreign ground has been the fate (or the opportunity!) of millions. What they left and gained, what they learned and taught, what they shared, created and inspired is at the core of the Europeana Migration Collection and of this PHOTOCONSORTIUM exhibition.


Museo della Grafica

Palazzo Lanfranchi, Lungarno Galilei 9, Pisa

12th October to 11th November 2018



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Photoconsortium, International Consortium for Photographic Heritage

Via della Bonifica 69, 56037 Peccioli, Pisa, Italy


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