3SHOTS FESTIVAL, 1st edition

3SHOTS FESTIVAL, 1st edition

Call for entries open from 8th July to 30th September 2021.

The history of art shows us limitless amounts of triptych artwork that has been realized all throughout history, although commissions mostly came from the Church. The objective for these artworks always being the same: the creation of three iconic images, a vehicle for a rewatchable story, to imagine and reimagine way beyond the religious notion.

This is our festival’s mission: to search, anywhere in the world, for photographers who know how to tell a story, three intertwined stories, three iconic moments, three meaningful attributes related to an object as to an emotion; to a time or a moment; an ideal or a dream. A past, a present or  future. the challenge is to capture the universe in three shots.

Between 8th July and 30th September 2021 the very first edition of 3SHOTS will open its submissions for the official festival competition. There will be no categories and each photographer may submit three triptychs. They will be showcased by a selection committee, the best triptychs will be presented through the online festival for three days (18-21 November) in which the audience and the jury will decide the winners. The author of the winning triptych will get a cash prize.

Website: https://www.3shotsfestival.com/

3SHOTS – The Triptych Photography Festival is a spinoff of MAX3MIN – Very Short Film Festival, born with the goal to bring to its extreme the concept of the short film.

MAX3MIN showed us that a story can be told in three minutes, a world can change, complex feelings and reality in its multifacetedness. But how many frames compose a three minute video? And would three frames, three photos, be enough to clearly express the same themes? We believe yes: if it’s true that media has been pushing us towards ever simplified forms of communication, in which the Instagram grid takes on great importance, it is also true that the art world has been showing us triptych art for centuries, whose only goal was to transform a single image into a well defined story; three images that concentrate one story, a story in three shots to watch and rewatch, just like the shorts of M3M.


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